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S Club 7 - S Club Party

Today me and my friends had the most profound conversation …. was S Club 7 the most awesome pop band that existed in the late 90’s early 2000’s ? I think we all know the answer to that !

Dont lie everyone atleast knows all the lyrics to one song and if you dont you missed out on a childhood ! …… I remember once at primary school that our music teacher actually taught the whole assembly to sing Reach (For The Stars).  It was like a kids national anthem. Those where the days when jelly shoes, $2 choker necklace and cassette tapes where my existence. This is my throwback to the past me …. I miss you.

I’ve been listening to S Club 7’s catalogue of music all afternoon/night and ……..


I’ve been lolling at the actual lyrics which i didn’t recognize as a child that they where so filthy ! HA.

"Ghetto boys, make some noise!
Hoochie mamas, show your nanas!”

So profound …….. lol

I swear to you S Club 7’s track S Club Party will be the first song I play at my wedding (if I even get married lol) cause there aint no party like an S Club party !

Live your paradise,


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