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Matt Corby – Resolution

Illusions are formulated from the instability of a fragile mind. Fragility therefore acts as a gateway to an internal nomadic existence, allowing unconscious beliefs to therefore become a meaningless truth. In essence, a person choosing to believe in ‘their’ blind truth can be the catalyst for an inner self-destruction. Ego and pride is the created of man, but it can also be its demise. Embrace what can humble you, admittance to a wrong can make things right and therefore can become a resolution to a problem.

This rhetoric is just my interpretation and simply me reading between the lines of Matt Corby’s song Resolution. Lyrics such as “You said don’t I so I made the truth …. Seem like a lie to even you …. Control your fear it’s clear” descriptively depicts a struggle of trust. Trust is what ultimately connects us humans emotionally as we inadvertently give a bit of ourselves to someone else. Therefore as Matt suggest [we are] ‘characters of no illusion …. you’ll be my resolution’.

Ultimately we are all enigmas, ‘I’m not you, nor you me’ but with the binding of trust we inadvertently become united as a ‘we’. Trust humbles us to let go of ego by selflessly caring enough for another being to not intentionally hurt them. In this chaotic world we currently live in, we should have humility, hope and trust that the goodness in humanity will prevail.

The words and construction of this song is beautiful, not just for simply blessing my ears, but cliché as it might sound also my mind. It has helped me to articulate my ‘vagabond’ like thoughts in such a way any good song should, calming you enough so your thoughts are clear. Listen to this song and hopefully you felt as connected to it as I did.


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